Heal your feminine - discover. forgive. love your feminine lineage

3 Monatsprogram

This program includes: 

3 energy blessing sessions in Zürich (one each month) 

3 guided meditations audio files that will accompany you through this whole process

3 videos with rituals that guide you

Daily voice messages to keep you going 

Connection to other likeminded souls 

Womb healing 

What you will take away from working intensively with me over the course of three months is: 


  • You will deepen your knowledge around your own energy and how to navigate this power

  • You will define a goal for yourself and will be going into the direction of this goal, everyday.

  • You will be healing the let's say complicated relationship with your mother, grandma and everyone else feminine along the way including all the limiting beliefs that have been placed upon you (add whichever runs in your family like: we're not doing this, what do the others think, please do not be too loud or too bold, sexual shame and trauma as well as codependency to men) 

  • You will start to understand your feminine power that is already there and we just find the connection point to it. 

  • Deep acceptance of YOURSELF

  • You will connect to the goddess energies that inspire you most. 

  • You will learn how to attract whatever it is that you wish to attract by connecting to your own block/shadow

  • You will learn to speak your own truth in relationships, in your business, in your calling 

  • Learn the art of ritual as a portal to the Divine, to healing, to channeling your gifts.

  • Learn the energetic language of the Heart and how to transform wounding there.

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