Nach ein paar Tagen voller Kopfarbeit gab es heute das volle Kontrastprogramm. Energy Healing mit Mama Universe. Mit Energy Healing, Kräutern, Kristallen wieder in Balance kommen. Gerade wenn viel los ist und ich viel im Kopf bin, brauche ich diesen Ausgleich. Wenn du in Zürich wohnst, schau unbedingt bei Mama Universe vorbei. 

Deborah is so warm and welcoming. I don't feel comfortable trusting just 

everyone with energy work, but I felt at ease immediately after writing her to find out more about her offering. Everything was just as described. Her space is clear and calm. I felt very relaxed and balanced after our session together. I've never experienced herbs used with Reiki before but I really enjoyed the earthy -grounding aspect it carried. Also, Deborah is a hugger and I just adore that. More hugs for everyone.

Laura R.

Deborah aka Mama Universe has played a vital role in my healing process. She works deeply intuitive embodying wisdom beyond her years. Her support and compassion has been such a reliable source of light in my life. Since the instance I met her, I’ve felt loved, understood and nurtured. She embodies the feminine in ways I find inspiring and empowering. Definitely recommend Deborah and her energy blessings to further women in seek of healing and transformation.

Ines - Holistic Coach

Two old souls met on a rainy afternoon. They shared energy, love and with respect touched upon old wounds. Mama Universe is a sister, an old friend I got to meet again in this lifetime. Her energy blessings are as gentle as a feather and as powerful as thunder. She allows you to travel into your soul with her ritual of sound and essential oils. She's there to make sure for your wellbeing.

Mein Alltag ist vollgepackt mit intensiver Kundenarbeit: Trainings, Beratungen und Coachings. Meine Arbeit braucht viel Energie, deshalb ist eine Balance essentiell. Nach den Sessions bei Deborah bin ich förmlich beflügelt und kraftvoll für alle Herausforderungen.

Ancilla Schmidhauser, Geschäftsführerin Impact Consulting

As someone who is open to learning about the benefits of energy work and crystals for
others, but not someone who may be the “type” of person to do it myself, I was a bit
nervous and excitedly skeptical. The space is warm, inviting, clean and beautiful. I immediately felt at ease.


You can feel the energy of this room, and of Deborah herself. Every bit of nervousness I had went away. I am not skeptical anymore. Deborah has a gift. Iwasrelaxed, and through her energy I was able to clarify very specific points of confusion in my thoughts.


My senses were on overload, in the most positive of ways. There was so much happening around me, but I only felt safe and comforted and guided. This was one of the most beautiful experiences I have
had in quite some time.


I can’t recommend this hour with Deborah enough, and, in fact, I have told everyone I know about it since. Thank you, Deborah, for sharing your gifts with all of us. I can’t wait to come back.

Michelle Gasparovic

In meiner Frühschwangerschaft habe ich mich an Deborah gewandt. Ich fühlte mich unsicher und ängstlich hinblicklich meiner Zukunft ein Kind auszutragen und Mutter zu werden.


Deborah hat mich in ihrer liebevoll dekorierten Praxis herzlich empfangen. Sofort konnte ich den Alltag und meine innere Unruhe ablegen und mich vertrauensvoll auf die Liege sinken lassen.


Die wohltuenden Klänge, die kräftigen Mineralien die sie mir auf den Körper gelegt hat, ihre liebevolle Art mich wahrzunehmen haben wunderbar gewirkt. Bereits am nächsten Tag fühlte ich mich innerlich gestärkter, mutiger und vertrauensvoll optimistisch diese neue und einzigartige Lebensphase anzutreten.


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